Country-style Living in tyndall, Manitoba


Tyndall is a small community of over 1,000 people and o ers its’ residents with beautiful country living, 50 kilometres from Winnipeg. The name Tyndall is derived from Limestone which used to be quarried in this area. The stone is still quarried, closer to the Garson area. This stone can still be found throughout North America, including at the Manitoba Legislative Building, located on Broadway in downtown Winnipeg. Founded in 1893, this rich agricultural community is located in the Brokenhead Municipality, with it‘s history etched into the surrounding landscape. Commemorating a landmark of an old Bell Tower, a newer landmark was erected in place of the St. Michaels Church Bell Towers. This historic monument can be found at the intersection of Pierson Drive and Hwy #44 (old Historic Hwy #1), just outside of Tyndall.

Recently, Tyndall has seen a dramatic surge in population because of the modest property taxes and affordable housing and rentals. With its’ short commute to Winnipeg, and thriving local businesses, Tyndall and the Brokenhead Municipality are a prime destination for retirement and family living.

Tyndall Brokenhead, and the area of Tyndall have a variety of activities and services perfect for seniors and families who want small country-style living without sacrificing a community vibe. Amenities and green spaces for active and busy lifestyles, this small community has bookkeeping and accounting services as well as restaurants and parks. Tyndall is full of opportunities, without sacrificing conveniences for comfortable living. Walk through centennial park, visit the historical monuments and enjoy the speciality shops and boutiques, all within minutes of your home. Join Tyndall’s unique community. Contact Homepage Property Management to get on the waiting list or visit our Properties Page for more information.