Community Living in ste Anne


Located 42 kilometres from Winnipeg and inside the Municipality of Ste. Anne, this bilingual community is rooted in healthcare, education and tourism. A safe town with its own local police department and healthcare services including a hospital and multiple medical clinics, Ste. Anne is a great town for seniors or individuals looking to downsize without sacrificing personal and professional services or amenities.

Founded in 1856, Ste Anne was selected for the forests and farmlands. First to settle in the area was 198 families who started working o  of the land and farming. In the 1850’s the town slowly started to get formed with a trading post, hotel, general store, and even a small jail. The Dawson Trail started construction in 1868 and was completed to link Fort William with St Boniface in 1871. Ste Anne finally became incorporated in 1963. A flourishing agricultural community, the town of Ste Anne is home to over 2,100 people. Services such as grocery stores, restaurants, and professional services including law offces, accountants and a local credit union, this town is exquisitely designed and prepared for a lot of future growth.

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